Colleges are changing.

Because it is a changing time.

Changes are to come through choice not compulsion

Is your college changing? Is it changing to become more valuable??

If yes, you are in the quality journey.

These days a college is assessed in terms of

  • whether the college appreciate the requirement of change
  • what are the changes are necessary
  • whether the college is changing
  • what further changes can be made
  • and many such assessment queries.....

BNS Infocom provides a innovative platform which helps you to analyse how far is your college is changing, is adding value to itself.

The utilities of this application are

  • Annual maintenance of all important data – teachers, staffs, employees, admissions, result.
  • Students Profile, Teacher Profile, Teacher’s Annual Performance.
  • To assess relative strengths and weaknesses of each department.

Colleges will find this platform useful for mandatory disclosure, AISHE, Queries made by Government and UGC, Preparation of reports for NAAC etc.